Five Things Friday

Happy Friday! Can you believe that Halloween is only ONE WEEK away!?! Oh my goodness gracious, I feel like I still have so much pre-Halloween festivities to relish and only 7 days to do it! Some people binge on Orange is the New Black, I am thinking I should spend my weekend binging on Halloweentown and cookies. Thoughts?

Let’s jump into some Five Things Friday!


First, Pretty Much I’m an Elite Runner



Ha! If only! Every once in a while, in life, circumstances make us plain ole lucky. That is the situation I find myself in for the Southern Fried Outer Banks Half Marathon. You might be familiar with this race’s sister Spring race, the Flying Pirate. A family member is one of the race directors for the race, and has been sweet enough to invite me and host me for the weekend, allowing me to tag along to the elite events planned!

You can bet your bottom dollar that I am gratefully accepting my family’s offer, am all signed up, and and checking off each day until the race on my calendar!

Second, The Best Time of the Year


How many times have I said that this year so far? But seriously, when the North Carolina State Fair, Krispy Kreme burgers (yes, the donuts are the bun) in all of their glory, giant pumpkins, pickles, pig races, and animals roll into town, life is good. I swear the entire vibe of the state transforms this time of year!

My favorite part? Sure the shows, rides, and fried Twinkies are great, but for me, it’s alllll about the giant pickles and caramel covered apples!


I scarfed down my pickles too quickly to snap a picture, but you really can’t beat my fair night dinner, country ham from the Cary Methodist Church, one giant Dill pickle and three sweet pickles, and a M&M covered caramel covered apple…. heaven!


Third, Halloween!

The 13 Nights of Halloween is just another reason this might be the best time of the year. It was time for a DVR cleansing to make room for soaking up all of the Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown (ok, not ABC Family but still) and Coraline!

Halloween Why yes, my brother is dressed as a crab…. Shout out to my phenomenal grandmother who made us the most incredible costumes every year!

As far as the actual Holiday itself, I’ll be spending the first half of the evening handing out candy at a friends (the bestest part I only wish I could be one of the Trick-or-Treaters) and then heading out to a SPCA fundraiser as my idol… Elsa from Frozen!

Fourth, Links I loved

Stewed Okra and Tomatoes

I have been dying to make stewed okra and tomatoes for ages now, and for one reason or another have yet to. I asked my okra loving friend who is a fabulous cook to send me her favorite recipe, and ya’ll oh my goodness! I subbed frozen okra and canned tomatoes for the farmer’s market fresh version, and My, Oh, My! was it good to munch on all week!

27 Pieces Of Advice For Your 27th Birthday

10 Things You Never Knew About Candy Corn, The Candy You Love To Hate

Finally, The Week In Fitness

Friday: 6 miles easy @8:19, abs

Thursday: am: 5 miles pm: 3 miles

Wednesday: Off!

Tuesday: Skipped

I woke up exhausted and pretty much knew mile repeats were not going to happen. After approximately  a quarter mile, I gave up and walked for about 45 minutes and fit in some arm work, and walked and walked and walked at the fair!

Monday: 5 miles easy @ 8:19, abs

Sunday: 12 miles easy pace @ 8:12 average pace

Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:07 average pace

Candy Corn. Yes or No?

Please say no so I can eat all of yours :)

Favorite Halloween special?

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Weekend Musings and Running Socks

Good Morning friends! How was your weekend? I always love seeing what other people spend their weekends doing, whether mundane or completely out of the ordinary, it is always interesting to see what people like to spend their down time doing. I might just be nosy, I like to think of it as being the only person at the office who actually cares, “How was your weekend?” ;)

Friday Night kicked off just the way a Friday night should…..with my parents.


Just kidding, sort of. Friday evening, I convinced my parents who are in town to try out, Tazza Kitchen a semi-new restaurant in Raleigh I have being meaning to try for weeks now! I ordered the Wood Oven Chicken and it was wonderful, the real treat though was the zingy carrot slaw. Tazza, I shall be back!

After an easy 6  miles shake out run Saturday Morning, my Dad and I did the one and only thing you should ever do on a crisp Fall Saturday morning…


Went to the second best (in my humble opinion) Farmer’s Market in the US, the North Carolina State Farmers Market, located here in Raleigh. We walked away with huge haul that included everything from winter squash to pepper, bok choy, and can you believe it, three medium pumpkins and four gourds for $9!

Next on the list was the Cary Dwali Festival. The Triangle (composed of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill) has a thriving Indian population, and rumor had it that this festival was supposed to be wonderful. We decided to jump at the chance to relish some truly incredible Indian cuisine!


IMG_0039[1] I could eat Indian all day every day

I capped off the afternoon by cheering on the runners at the Oktoberfest Run Greek 5k.

IMG_0052[1] The winner came in a speedy 27:29

Sunday Morning’s 12 mile run was 80%, “Running is the greatest thing on the planet, I love each and every thing about it.” 20%, “ouch, ouch, ouch, this sucks, I don’t think I can make it.”

Luckily thought the vast majority was wonderful! Random side note of the day, I saw a bunch of ROTC kids running along the greenway, and had a revelation, I think the rest of the world would hate running 50% less id they all discovered the glory of (Expensive, I know,) running socks. Seriously, those babies make all the difference in the world!

After church, I joined my family for lunch at a spot I confess I have been dying to try out since before moving to Raleigh.


Lunch at the Carolina Country Club. Here is what I now know, it is a good thing I do not have their leather club chairs in my house, because I would never, ever, ever stand up again!

After chores, chores, chores, it was time for dinner.


The picture may not induce mouthwatering but our Bok Choy and Asian marinated, pork chops were oh so yumm!

I have a feeling that things may be a little quiet at CCR this week due to a hectic and TBD schedule, but I hope to get at least one post up.

Now, let’s all go out there and have absolutely fabulous, weeks!

What was your favorite thing you did this weekend?

Do you wear running socks?

What was the last new restaurant you tried? Did you like it?

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Back on the Train

Good Friday Morning to you!

I took a step back from blogging this week because, well, I felt like it, and that seemed like a pretty good reason to me :)

In lieu of the typical, Five Things Friday post, I thought I would post a follow-up to Monday’s post, My Number One Running Fear and How To Overcome It. In case you missed it, I discussed consistency in running, my fear of losing my running consistency, and a plan to whip my consistency back into shape this week!

In highly non-typical Anne fashion, I published my weekly goals to keep me on track, here is how it went!

Saturday: 6 Miles @ 7:50


Sunday: 12 miles The inspiration for the post

Monday: 10 miles @ 9:07


Tuesday: 7 Miles, 3 minute repeats (Possibly 3 after work w/ run club)

7 miles 2 @ 8:19, 6 sets of 3 minutes @ 7:18, 2 minutes @ 8:19, finish @ 8:19, Hip strengthening

Tuesday evening was a rainy, windy night… I opted for pasta in instead of running :)

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 7 miles

7 miles @ 7:41 average pace

Friday: 6 miles

6 miles @ 8:19, arms I finally warmed up to this run… at mile 5

Thoughts on the Week

Ya’ll, I am so grateful that I opened up, and published Monday’s post on  my struggles with consistency lately. When that is your problem, it’s simple to know how to fix it, the proof is in the pudding… or the running…then you can eat the pudding. The rest of the week, I felt strong, and committed. Even if the run was difficult, even when I didn’t want to get out of bed, not running was not an option.

In other words, I felt like my old self. Nothing could feel better than that!

I have a 12 miler planned for the weekend, and luckily the temperatures (oh my goodness, the 40s!) and sunshine are on my side so excuses are out the window.

Have a great weekend!

How were your workouts this week?

What goals are you focusing on right now?

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My Number One Running Fear and How To Overcome It

Does anyone else feel 1000 times more lethargic after a full 8 hours of sleep?

I know that too much sleep is not a good thing, but 8 hours is hardly too much. Personally, I think the lethargy comes from my unwillingness to get my booty out of bed when an alarm clock is not blaring and I don’t have a strict deadline to be at work. The result, sometimes I skip weekend runs after a full night’s sleep.

My number one running fear (injury aside) is not the pressure of a race PR, intimidating distance, or even GI issues (the boat has long sailed on that one), but inconsistency.

When it comes to running, consistency is my strength. When that strength falters, it scares me and makes me feel bad. Bad means a lot of things. Bad means lazy, vulnerable, lethargic, and plain ole blah. That’s hard to admit.

Combine a tired morning, and overcast skies, and this Florida native (we are the Sunshine State after all) wants to so just about anything aside from run…or elliptical, the alternative.

This leaves me feeling vulnerable to my biggest fear, my fear of inconsistency. My fear that one missed long run will turn into two, three, or more.

Like all runners, I know perfectly well that that “blah” feeling will disappear post run, replaced my those lovely, lovely addictive and soul filling endorphins. Caffeine ain’t got nothing on post-run endorphins, lethargy be damned! I also appreciate that it is crucially important to give ourselves and bodies a break every now and again, and I adore this!

Don’t you dare try and mess with my Wednesday morning walks ohhhhh heck no!

We are flirting with my favorite time of the running year, the temperatures are dropping and the races are popping up like the sweet Summer blackberries that are so omni-present in my current North Carolina home. I want want to embrace it, to live it, to share it with others,  to savor the treasured endorphins. Sometimes however, my actions don’t align with my wants and goals. They are inconsistent.

Recognizing this does not solve the problem though does it.

Consistency is something I believe every. single. runner. deals with every single day. Don’t agree, good for you, you rock! To help you understand though, go on Pinterest and search “running quotes,” you’ll get the message.

Run  Source

So what does help over come the fear of inconsistency? Being consistent that’s how! I am a very practice person, can you tell ;). Much of my personal joy of running comes from not following a training plan. That being said, much of my joy of running also comes from knowing I can trust my self to go for long runs without a goal race so that when I decide to race one random weekend (I love this low-pressure approach!) I will be ready. If I am skimping on that though, I have long that privilege and need to earn back the trust.

See Dad, you really did teach me about commitment and honesty :)

From one consistent runner to another, here are 4 tips for getting your consistency back in check:

1. Establish your objective (I am sick of the word goal)

  • Run 6 per week, 40 miles, one day of the 6 being optional for cross-training

2. Plan for the short-term how you will work towards your objective (Do it even if you hate to plan. You have to re-earn your trust)

Saturday: 6 Miles @ 7:50

Sunday: 12 miles The inspiration for this post

Monday: 10 miles @ 9:07

Tuesday: 7 Miles, 3 minute repeats (Possibly 3 after work w/ run club)

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 7 miles

Friday: 6 miles

3. Expand your habits where you are consistent throughout the week to the days where you aren’t consistent.

  • Set an alarm on the weekend.

4. And of course my favorite, and by the far the most important, from the wonderful Kristin Armstrong,

Run Source


What’s your number one running fear?

How do you handle consistency?

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Five Things Friday

This is one sweet, sweet Friday morning, and I hope yours is off to a wonderful start! Why is it so sweet? I am a lucky duck and get a three day weekend, wohoo! Let’s talk a little Five Things Friday shall we?


First, Embracing Fall Running

Fall 2

The cooler temperatures, the changing leaves, the rapid approach of the 13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family (OMG!) mean that Fall is truly upon us in practicality, not just according to the calendar. As such, before we dive too far in, let’s take a moment to embrace the change from singlets to gloves on our runs!

Second, Glossy Singapore


Are you familiar with the book, Never Eat lunch Alone? The topic is networking, and as you can infer, making the most of the all too rare lunch hour to pick the brain of those you can learn from. Well, let’s just say when it comes to lunch meetings, I fail. You see, since childhood, I have held a passion for editorial. I. Love. Magazines. Perhaps that is why I find the blog world so captivating.What I don’t have, is a lot of time.

My guilty pleasure is taking my lunch our to devour my Cooking Light, Elle, and Eating Well.  A good friend of mine recently spent a few weeks in Singapore (Obviously, I am living vicariously through her stories and pictures) and brought me a Singaporean Cosmo, and candy! She knows me so well :) I have a ridiculously gleeful grin on my face just typing this because I am so excited about my souvenirs!

Third, Oh. My. Word. Incredible.


Fourth, Links I loved

Why You Should Eat Like An Elite via Fueled by Lolz

Ohhh how lovely it is to sanity in the nutrition world.

Ragnar Relay Adirondacks Recap

I  hold ever single one of Ali’s pervious fears of running relays. Reading about her experience leaves me inspired! Anyone interested in a team ;)?

Finally, The Week In Fitness

Friday: 1 mile run…. walk

Notice a trend here? Wednesday I noticed some pain in my outter right heel, precisely where I suffered a rather traumatizing stress fracture on the left for a few years ago. By taking it easy and foregoing my typical heels for flats Wednesday and Thursday, I was pain free Friday morning. One mile into my run however, I decided to give it one extra day 100% pain free. It didn’t hurt my decision that I was utterly exhausted ;)

Thursday: 60 minutes elliptical, abs

Wednesday: Off!

Tuesday: 7 miles, 2 @ 8:18, 7 sets of 3 minutes @ 7:18, 2 minutes @ 8:19, 1 mile @ 7:18

Monday: 6 miles easy @ 8:07

Sunday: 5 miles @ 8:14 average pace, abs

Saturday: 10 miles @ 8:07 average pace

What is your favorite magazine?

Do you watch the voice?

I like the blind auditions. After that I get bored.

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Waxing Poetic

This is the first of about 10,000 times you will hear me wax poetic (or as much as I am capable of being poetic) about running in the cool weather that is teasing the South Atlantic.


You know that precise feeling I am talking about, one day, you head out the door for your morning run, it’s not exactly hot but using the word pleasant to describe the running temperature (totally different than the normal living life temperature :)) would be an overstatement. You slog through your run, grudgingly glancing at your watch each time it beeps at a mile, and all you think is how hard you are working, only to be rewarded with a less than impressive split.

The next morning, you awake, lace up your pair of shoes, check the weather and wonder if you should add a pair of gloves to match your shorts and singlet? The answer is always yes.  People will think you’re crazy, but that is only because they are not runners, and do not understand that your fingers can freeze to the point of numbness while your shoulders sweat.

Yesterday was hard, so you plan to take today’s run easy. The air is crisp, you curse your watch for taking so long to get it’s GPS signal, all you want to do is start moving to warm your veins. Eventually, you hear the beep, your start gun.

Beep- “Wow, ok, I should probably slow down, don’t want to start too fast.”

Beep- “Slow down.”

Beep- “Seriously, slow down, you need to take it easy”

Beep, Beep, Beep – “Ya know, maybe I should add a few miles to my run I’m feeling pretty good.”

Beep- Ok, I may have said 7, but I am thinking I can do 11. I mean if I feel good why not right?”

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep.

“That. Was. Awesome!”

Four extra miles later, and much more swiftly than planned, Fall’s cool temperatures have worked their magic.

Fall 2

Running is hard. That is why we do it. Running in the heat is very hard. In these last few days, when in the south at least, the weather catches a case of the Flip Flops, warm one day cool the next, let’s try to use the wishy washyness to our advantage. Instead of fighting those warm, humid, hard days, let embrace them, let’s be grateful for them.

Grateful for poor running conditions?

Yes! Becauce when that next blast of frigid air swoops in, we get to experience the rush of the first days of Fall all over again!

So here is to running, now get out there and JFR!

Do you like running in cooler weather?

How do your runs feel when the temperatures drop?

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