Sad Puppy Eyes A Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends! How is life in your neck of the woods? I hope you had a simply lovely weekend.

It has been ages since I have posted a Weekend Recap post. In fact, as I mentioned on Friday,  it feels like it has been ages since I have blogged substantially at all! Part of that has to do with the fact that Maddy, as in Maddy the brand new puppy is currently succeeding in getting my attention by scooting herself across the floor using only her front paws to drag her body…..and it’s working :) I’ll tell you what, Puppy Fog Eyes are a real thing!

Another reason for my minimal blogging is something that occupied a significant portion of my weekend printing an absurd number of copies of our Peru itinerary, and making a ridiculous number of copies of various documents- but first, let’s rewind to Friday night.

Friday after a hyper-eventful week and a quick shower, I scooted over to my parents to have dinner with my dad and brother. I may be 20-something, but I love a relaxed Friday night. I find it interesting how many people I meet, my age, who also admit to loving nothing more than crashing after the work week despite putting on airs of maintaining their college-cool ways. Luckily, I have never suffered uner the illusion I was cool :)

Saturday morning, I was up early to beat the heat (yep…. it’s that time of year again…) to fit in my first longer run since the Rock n Roll Half last month. I ran 6 awesome miles at a 7:48 average page before grabbing my brother to finish out the last 4 at a relaxed pace.

After breakfast, we hit the gym for a little Tone It Up total body toning. Let me tell you what, there is nothing better than watching your brother work his inner mermaid.

After our sweat sesh, we had a rather eventful trip to Trader Joes. As I drove along the belt-line, Eric’s power steering gave out, causing our car to loose control of the steering. Luckily we were just fine and able to make our way to the repair shop. What a morning!


After our car scare, we grabbed Maddy, Whole Foods hot bar, and headed to the park for a picnic! Little Miss Maddy go to her first chance to splash around in a stream and love it!


That evening, I finally put to use, a cookbook I have lusted over since moving from Florida. My favorite restaurant in the world, The Columbia Restaurant, has a cookbook that I have meant to cook from for ages. Saturday night was the night! I made my favorite dish, Cayo Hueso, alomng with fried plantains and grilled lettuce. Ya’ll it might have been the best fish I have ever had in my entire life!

Sunday morning, I hit the road for an easy 5 miles at a 8:18 average pace that I rounded out with (all too brief) stretching.

Next it was on to typical food prep, and church before grabbing lunch at Panera. I spent the majority of Sunday afternoon double-checking my packing list, printing a few more documents, and finally finally finally, relaxing on the couch and typing up this blog post! Tonight’s dinner will be something ridiculously simple requiring absolutely no thought…. in other words…perfect!

There are precisely 5 days before Eric and I leave for Peru. I hope to check in once more before we leave, but CCR will go quiet until June3rd when we return and I have 1,000,000 adventure to share. Have a great week!

Have you ever had major car issues on the road before?

What did you do this weekend?

Five Things Friday

Oh my word. ya’ll, I can’t even put into a coherent sentence how wild this week has been. It has been the longest and shortest week of my life. Longest, because, well, it’s been one of those weeks. Shortest because there is so much to be one in the coming weeks that I shed a tear for ever ay that ticks off on the calendar.

Out of nothing more than necessity, blogging has had to take a back seat to life, but that has left me missing posting about the things I love to post about i.e. running and eating. I am excite to at least check in with today’s Five Things Friday, so let’s get to it shall we?


First 8. Days.

That’s it. Eric and I leave for Peru in 8 days! I am excited and just hope that we have all of the pieces in place we need! Is it weird that the biggest reservation I have is that we will be taking our vacation so early in the year? Yes, I know it is ;) Our whole lives we have followed the school schedule an taken our big vacation later in the Summer. It has been the perfect way to split up the year between the holidays and well… Summer vacation!

Anyways. We are going to Peru… and the Amazon… and Machu Picchu… in 8 dayssssss!!!!! Can you tell I’m a little excited ;)

Second, A renewed Appreciation

There are those things in your life that have always been there. These things you can think back to and remember as a 7 year old, sharing them with your family, laughing and crying. Those things you love but from time to time can lose your full appreciation for.

One of those things in my life is America’s Funniest Home Videos. Yep, AFV, you heard that right. Almost as far back as I can remember, I have the memories of eating ice cream with my family and watching the Crocodile Hunter and AFV on Sunday nights with my family.  For a girl like me who can’t watch tv without doing at least one other thing (hello blogging), AFV is the exception.

Monday evening, my family came over for dinner to lie around on the floor, eat froyo, and watch my all time favorite show. I am sorry, but kids falling asleep on the toilet will never not be absolutely hilarious!

Third Little Miss Maddy


She has a name! Last week, I shared that we, and by we, I actually mean my parents, got an English Setter puppy! Naming her was an exercise in testing how much my family really loves each other. For four day, we debated, argued, and attempted to persuade one another on various names from Piper to Sunny before finally landing on Maddy. I think it’s a great name for the energetic little one!

We quickly learned that mornings are her witching hour. Saturday morning, I ran from my apartment to my parents. As I made breakfast in the kitchen, the only thing I could hear was my sister trying desperately to teach Maddy that jumping on the couch is not a game. As I rounded the corner, I saw a white blur of a body, sprint across the floor, and hurl itself at the couch (seriously, she could have give Olympian pole vaulters a run for their money) only to hit the edge of the couch and flail on the floor. Don’t worry, she was far from hurt! Mom, Dad, you’ve got your hands full!

Fourth, Links I loved

Excuse #3- “I Can’t Run. I Have No Motivation”

How I went from an elliptical zombie to a marathon runner

Ranking the country’s 15 best fast food desserts – Thrillist

False, we all know the M&M McFlurry should be #1…

NYRR’s CEO Highlighted Women, Elites

Dogs and kids are smarter than adults

Yup! My next “real” post will absolutely be on Summer running i.e. my arch nemesis

Finally, The Week In Fitness

Let’s just go ahead and lay it out there… this week’s workout… fail.

Friday: Skipped

Thursday: Off

Wednesday: 5 miles easy @ 8:13 average pace, arms

Tuesday: 7 hilly miles @ 7:35 average pace, total boy toning

Monday: 7 miles total, 2 @ 8:19, 6 sets of 3 minutes @ 7:18, 2 minutes @ 8:19 Off

Sunday: 45 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes stair climber

The weather was icky  and I was on a strict schedule, so I did something crazy and cardio cross trained for the first time in months! It fels so, so, good to sweat it out in a different way!

Saturday: 5 miles easy, total body toning

How were your workouts this week?

Favorite fast food dessert?

Tell me about your fabulous workouts this week so I can live vicariously :)

Four Things Friday

Good Friday morning to you! I hope you have had the most fabulous week! I literally cannot believe that today is Friday. This might have been the fastest week of my life, but hey, that means life is not boring right?!

The pace of the week means that I only have four things to share this week instead of five, but they are really good things so that counts as five right? Ok, enough rambling, on to Five (Four) Things Friday!


First Happy Happy Happy!

Last Sunday, amid all of the graduation hoopla, was a very special day. It was the most wonderful mother on the whole entire planet’s birthday! Ya’ll this amazing lady scooted her special day under the table to celebrate the graduation of my younger brother and sister. This is a perfect example of why she is so special. I have never met another human being who puts other before herself more than my mom.


I am so glad that this Sunday marks Mother’s Day. Mom, after everything you have out up with from us over the years, you deserve far more than two days a year to be devoted to you and you alone. Happy Birthday, and Happy Mother’s Day!



Yep, this happened! Ok so it’s not exactly my dog. Earlier this week, my parents, brother and sister drove to Mt. Airy, North Carolina from Florida to pick up Piper, a Llewllin English Setter puppy my parents picked out from the breeder and purchased a few weeks ago! Very, very, unfortunately, even though we all love dogs, my brother, sister and I did not grow up with one.  I’ll leave it at that. Let’s just say we still hold a bit of a grudge :) It makes perfect sense then, that literally the week my brother and sister graduate and they are officially empty nesters, they decide the time is right to bring a puppy home :) The way I see it, this way, I can play, cuddle, and love on an adorable puppy anytime my parents are in North Carolina, but not have to clean up it’s “accidents.” So it’s pretty much perfect!

Third, Links I loved

Her Story — Unbreakable Strength & Resilience

Incredible story. Sunning Styling.

[Global Garden] Fancy Cheese Fries

Tips on How to Become a Faster Runner

Smoked Bluefish and Potato Salad

ten just like mom used to make lightened-up dinner recipes

Ultra Crispy Unfried Tofu

Finally, The Week In Fitness

I included this week as well as last week workouts after missing last Friday’s post.

5/2/2015 – 5/8/2015

Friday: 6 miles east, 8:03 average pace

Thursday: 7 hilly miles @ 7:35 average pace, arms

Wednesday: off

Tuesday: 7 miles easy, untimed, core

Monday: 7 miles total, 2 @ 8:19, 6 sets of 3 minutes @ 7:18, 2 minutes @ 8:19, glutes

Sunday: Off- traveling

Saturday: 3.5 easy miles around FSU

5/25/2015 – 5/1/2015

Friday: 6 miles 8:01 average pace

Thursday: 7 miles 7:35  average page

Wednesday: Off

Tuesday: 5 miles 1 @ 8:19, 6 sets of 3 minutes @ 7:18, 2 minutes @ 8:19, total body strength

Monday: 5 miles @ 7:42 average pace*

Sunday: 5 miles easy, untimed, abs*

Saturday: Unexpected Off day

*I had to run in old shoes these days. I was afraid to run longer than 5 miles for fear of injury. It is amazing the difference a good pair of shoes makes!

Do you have a dog? Did you grow up with one?

Share one (or 5) reasons your mom rocks!

Caps, Gowns, and Ice Cream

Holy Whirlwind Y’all! That- is precisely what the last few days have been! Last Wednesday evening, I said goodbye to Raleigh and headed back to Florida for my brother and sister’s college graduations. I sincerely want to do them both justice with a thoroughly, sentimental recap, but the crazy train doesn’t slow down around here until June, so for now, this too brief recap will have to suffice.

My sister, Mere, was graduating from the best school in the whooooleeee wide world, the University of Florida (Go Gators! :)) with her bachelors in Nursing. We met for a quick drink at the one and only Swap, Thursday afternoon before attending her pinning ceremony that evening.

IMG_0599[1]Swap… I love you an miss you… Mere, you’re ok too ;)

The following morning, I headed out to do the most natural thing on the planet, something I had not one in four years. I set my alarm for an early wake-up, drove to campus, and ran  six glorious miles around my former stomping grounds. I passed the football stadium where we won National Championships, past the gym I used to run track workouts in, past the orange groves I loved to watch blossom in the winter, past my sorority house that was and still is my home. It was where I became a runner, and it was amazing.


After a quick shower, it was time for Mere’s graduation! Her ceremony was lovely and were happy to snap pictures in the perfect Florida spring weather. After a quick lunch it was time for one last stop at the best place on earth…. yes…. better than my beloved Menchies

IMG_0595[1]My freakish love for froyo is no secret. I can easily eat close to a pound more than once per day, thankfully, my wallet cannot :) As much as I love froyo, and Menchies specifically, there is one ice cream-esque treat that has no comparison, and sadly no franchise…. Gator Dlites! Guys, I ate a pint both days an it was heaven on earth. I easily could have thrown down tow more!I had not had this glorious treat in four years! Dlites alone was worth the plane ticket ;)

Our day was far from over, dlites in hand, we hit the road to make the 2.5 hour rive to Tallahassee for my brother, Eric’s graduation from Florida State (Yes, Eric and Mere are twins.)

Eric took us to a fabulous dinner where we met up with our close family friends whose son was graduating as well. After dinner and drinks it was time for a few hours of sleep before my first tour of FSU.

IMG_0609[1] Seen on our run

I moved to North Carolina just when Eric left for school at FSU, and I had never visited our northern rival. Saturday morning, I met Eric at his frat house, and he took me on a jog through their gorgeous campus. He then took me to one of his favorite breakfast spots for delicious runny eggs, followed by his favorite coffee shop. That afternoon, it was Eric’s turn to walk. We scored perfect seats to watch Eric and a few hundred of his closest friends become FSU graduates. Congratulations everyone!

IMG_0612[1] Wait, where have I seen that outfit before…

As soon as graduation was over, we hopped in the car to head home to St. Augustine. Sunday morning,  I wished my mom an quick happy birthday before heading to the airport. I had an early flight back to Raleigh where life is not about to slow down anytime soon. I hope to pop in when I can but between leaving for Peru in two weeks, a new role at work, and a special new friend (Oh my goodness I can’t wait to share) I am not sure how regular CCR posting will be.

Have a wonderful week!

Do you remember your graduation?
Where did you graduate from?


Too Little Information-Planning a Trip to Peru

Planning a Trip to Peru

In three weeks, Eric and I leave for Peru. Over the past few weeks, I have been in go-mode, constantly rsearching and trying to glean as much information about our trip as I can.

Who could have thought that in today’s literal glutony of information and content (after all this post is content!), one would ever have trouble finding enough of the right  information on what to expect on a trip to Peru. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of perfectly useless information about Peruvian tourism such as don’t drink tap water or anything that touches it. Sure that is important, but once you have told me that, how about some help deciding the best thing to do after I brush my teeth with bottled water.

I thought I would compile a few of the resources I found have provided me actual useful information in preparing for my trip. My hope is that it helps others planning their own Peruvian adventures!

For What To Expect

Tips for Travel To Machu Picchu

Just Cherishe

The Borderless Project

With 34 posts on Peru, The Borderless Project was hands down the most useful all around website I found.

For Tip Searching


For Packing

Her Packing List

Alex in Wanderland

How To Pack for 7 Days in Peru in Less Than One Carry On

This spreadsheet method is pure genius for a complex trip with significant weather variability!

For Finding Peru Based Blog Posts


Believe it or not, Pinterest far surpassed Dr. Google in sourcing relevant material on Peru

For General Travel Savvy

Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast

I adore podcasts. My podcast playlist though is very exclusive, it takes a lot for a show get in ; ) EPOP is without a doubt one of my favorites and I love that the host, Travis, posts so frequently, giving me plenty of useful entertaining travel listening!

The Best Overall Resource

Call me old fashioned but…


The trusty travel book! Blogs, online forums, and online reviews have their place, but the most solid, well organized, thorough source I have repeatedly returned to is Fodor’s Peru travel guide.

I know, I know, I know, “Travel guides are for tourists, all you get is the once unique, local spot that now is over run by flocks of tourists!” BUT here is the thing – the best travel books truly are great resources. I have been luck enough to travel quite a bit for my age. Almost any  destination in the world has hidden gems that only locals, and those who live like locals, returning time after time to one place, know of. The way I have found one discovers these is through knowledge. Through meeting locals who give you the run down. Through spending enough time in one place that you gain an inherent understanding of what the easy “go-to” spots are, and take the time to wander across the hidden gems.

What I personally have found to be the best way to get the lo-down on a new destination is to understand it’s bones. That is where your travel book will help you leaps and bounds to shorten your learning curve significantly. Next, talk to friends, co-workers and acquaintances for their recommendations and tips. Then turn to the world of blogs, online forums, and online reviews to help you flush out the gaps.

Just keep in mind, any preconceive notions you make will be blown away by the real thing when you arrive :)

Three weeks will tell just how good these resources and my reading has been, cheers!

What are your favorite travel resources?

How do you approach trip planning?

Favorite travel guide?


Five Things Friday

Good Friday Morning to you! I hope you have had a fabulous week and have something even more fabulous planned for the weekend! Since today is Friday (Wohoo!) let’s jump into Five Things Friday.


First How to Make Your Monday Night Fabulous…

Mondays tend to not be everyone’s favorite day, especially rainy Mondays. Luckily, I have a wonderful way for you to make your Monday night rock. Ready?

Invite over a friend who has the most incredible fashion sense to come over, rip your closet to pieces, and re-assemble it as utterly chic complete outfits you never would have put together for yourself in a million years!


My incredible friend Laura, from The Clarity of Clothing did exactly that this past Monday. Guys can we talk about how excited I am in particular about the two outfits she pulled together in the above picture??? I have always loved the individual pieces in both outfits, but never pulled them together the way Laura was able to. There is no way in 1,394,940 years I would have thought to pair the pink skirt with the blue top and you can be darn sure I never would have added the leopard belt, but when I tired it on, well… I’m in love!

Be sure to head over the The Clarity of Clothing for more of Laura’s style!

Second, Double the…Fun?

Flashback to 2011…..

EM Grad

My brother and sister’s high school graduation. These two lil ones are graduating college…. next weekend! I feel like I am supposed to say how weird it is that they are all grown up, having secured real world jobs and getting ready to go on out on their own, but honestly, it doesn’t seem that weird.

My only fear with their “growing up” is the change that may come to our family holidays and vacations. I am excited for their change, and only afraid of the change it means for me.

Congratulations Eric and Mere!

Third, The Countdown is Officially On!

Four weeks from tomorrow, Eric and I will be jetting off to Peru and then immediately into the Amazon before heading to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley!

Gahhhh I am officially getting excited as opposed to simply overwhelmed. When I think what I am am the most excited for, it is to visit a place an a culture neither I nor anyone I am close with has visited before. This is probably the first time in my life I am truly outside of my comfort zone.  I am very independent and handle change well so studying abroad by myself, and moving to a new state be myself after college didn’t bother me. The difference this time is that I feel the burden of responsibility for all aspects of the trip, whether they go well or poorly.

Fourth, Links I loved

Next 6 Unexpected Ways to ​Make Your Grocery Work for You

How To Handle A Rainy Race Situation

Amateur Gourmet Shocks Fans with an Announcement

Finally, The Week In Fitness

Friday: 6 miles untimed, easy effort

Thursday: 7 miles untimed, medium effort

Wednesday: 3 miles, arms

I wanted to make up the miles my lazy booty couldn’t pull off Tuesday morning.

Tuesday: 5 miles 1 @ 8:19, 6 sets of 3 minutes @ 7:18, 2 minutes @ 8:19, total body strength

Monday: Off

Sunday: 7 miles @ 7:38 average pace, abs

Saturday: 5 miles @7:49 average pace – total body strength – 5 miles easy

Do you often find yourself outside of your comfort zone?

Do you have any ridiculously stylish friends?